• Payroll Pulse Check
    What is a Payroll Pulse Check?

    Our complimentary Payroll Pulse Check is specifically designed to identify areas of risk or underperformance in your payroll operation.

    This will assist you to optimise and reduce the risk in your payroll function before any issues become expensive to fix problems.

    Your emailed report is easy to digest with recommendations that are actionable immediately.

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What defines us

Payroll Passionate People

Payroll is at the heart of every business. Just like our most vital organ, if your employees aren’t paid correctly, other functions will be adversely impacted.

There are serious consequences for employers, their executives and company directors of poor payroll compliance or underpayments. If a payroll problem is discovered too late, the results can be catastrophic.

Getting payroll wrong impacts brand, reputation, trust and employee confidence.  So does getting it right.

Pulse Payroll delivers the confidence you need by ensuring your employees are being paid correctly.

Beyond the potential fiduciary and financial penalties that payroll errors can bring, there are other important consequences including

to brand

damage to executive or
director personal

loss of trust
between leadership,
staff & culture

Consequences this can lead to:

Customer confidence and
trust erosion and revenue
losses associated

consumer backlash
from negative press

All of these risks can be mitigated by recognising the importance of payroll and beginning with a simple, complimentary ‘Payroll Pulse Check’. This will allow you to identify areas of risk or underperformance while they can be remedied quickly, quietly and inexpensively.

No matter whether your payroll function requires a proactive ‘Payroll Pulse Check’, an end to end payroll compliance and process audit (before things become critical), or is in need of full resuscitation (remediation and backpay calculations), we work with employers to optimise and reduce risk in their payroll function.