• Payroll Pulse Check
    What is a Payroll Pulse Check?

    Our complimentary Payroll Pulse Check is specifically designed to identify areas of risk or underperformance in your payroll operation.

    This will assist you to optimise and reduce the risk in your payroll function before any issues become expensive to fix problems.

    Your emailed report is easy to digest with recommendations that are actionable immediately.

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Strong track record

Our team have experience in solving payroll problems of various complexities in most industries and for all employer sizes.  They have immersed themselves in the payroll industry allowing them to deliver a broad range of payroll capabilities.

We are not audit consultants doing payroll, not tax consultants doing payroll or HR consultants doing payroll. We are payroll passionate people solving payroll problems.

It can be a mistake to confuse expertise and experience. Our team has both, as well as the most current knowledge of payroll through our support and resources at Australian Payroll Association.

The way we work is specific to the payroll function. Just as you wouldn’t ask a general practitioner to do a heart operation, why would you ask a tax consultant to assist with a specialist payroll matter?

Pulse Payroll consultants have greater knowledge of the details that matter.

Your Alternatives


You could ask your payroll team to do a thorough check. Whilst they are trained in applying process to payroll, they are not diagnosticians. Nor are they independent. There may be problems with ‘own goals’ associated with auditing their own work.


Ask an accountancy practice to conduct an audit. They will no doubt be thorough as they look at each component to ensure it all adds up. But they are not specialists in payroll processes, systems and weaknesses nor of the national legislative complexities, award intricacies or payroll system configuration and interfaces.


Bring in a Big Four firm to crack this nut with a sledgehammer. We generally find this option is applied by employers who are prepared to pay inflated fees to have a Big Four logo on the cover of a report.  Rather than a more cost effective option to engage a specialist consultant with proven payroll expertise to complete the work with the employer’s brand and the executives reputation in mind.