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    What is a Payroll Pulse Check?

    Our complimentary Payroll Pulse Check is specifically designed to identify areas of risk or underperformance in your payroll operation.

    This will assist you to optimise and reduce the risk in your payroll function before any issues become expensive to fix problems.

    Your emailed report is easy to digest with recommendations that are actionable immediately.

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Of payroll managers say their responsibilities have grown more complex


Of payroll managers found awards and legislation difficult to practically implement


Of payroll managers say they need more training on legislation and technical aspects of payroll


Of the work we do finds overpayments (as well as underpayments)

Why Pulse Payroll?

Work with Payroll Passionate People

Payroll is at the heart of every business.

Just like our most vital organ, if your employees aren’t paid correctly, every other function will be adversely impacted.

With the right payroll delivery strategy, competent payroll staff, rigorous processes, governance and controls and fit for purpose technology, you will gain confidence in your payroll operation.

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About us

As part of the Australian Payroll Association network, Pulse Payroll helps employers solve payroll issues whether they be related to compliance, processes, payroll platforms or your payroll team.

Whatever the problem, we’ve likely already solved it for someone else.

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Our proprietary approach

Our methodology allows Pulse Payroll to identify payroll issues relating to payroll talent, processes and platforms, diagnose the causes and prescribe the most efficient remediation. By working with the Pulse Payroll team, you will optimise and de-risk your payroll function.

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Our experience

Our team have specifically chosen payroll as their specialist career and have immersed themselves in the payroll industry allowing them to deliver a broad range of payroll capabilities.

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Deep Payroll Expertise

100% of our consultants have hands on payroll management experience as well as the most current knowledge of payroll through support and resources of Australian Payroll Association

Specialist Capability

Every consultant is a payroll passionate person, specialist in solving payroll problems.

Payroll Pulse Check

Well resourced regulators have shown up the cracks which seem to have appeared in all levels of payroll. Couple that with the accelerated speed of regulatory change in payroll and we are seeing significantly increased compliance issues in systems and processes that left unchecked could require payroll life support or surgery.

This has created the ideal environment for increased risks emerging in businesses payroll systems.
Risks that once seemed improbable have become the norm.

Maybe it’s time for a Payroll Pulse Check.

Take your Payroll Pulse Check today

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Due to ongoing legislative updates, payroll rules are ever changing. Isn’t it worth getting a Payroll Pulse Check to ensure your payroll systems are still current, compliant and fit for purpose?

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